Sell tickets with Eventsmatic for Covid-secure events.

Eventsmatic has taken all the measures and actions to deal with the spread of Coronavirus at events. This pandemic should not affect the event organizers. Hence, our ticketing software offers the latest platform for virtual events.

Our customized features will help you through these challenging times

The updated features, tools, and check-in app will provide more power to our event organizers to fight with this and get back to real-life events.

Sell tickets for your virtual events

  • Eventsmatic easily works with Hangouts, Zoom, and more.
  • Offer a variety of tailor-made templates.

Your safety is important to us.

  • You can set your events with time slots to manage event capacity
  • List your multiple recurring events effortlessly
  • Create different ticket types of entry management

Social distancing and capacity management

  • With different time slots and ticket types, manage the social distance between your audience.
  • Our unique check-in app scans the audience tickets and helps maintain social distancing.
  • Our features help to impose Coronavirus guidelines.

Impress your customers at the entrance and check people in with no hassle.

Our event ticketing platform provides an exclusive Android and IOS application with unique barcodes to scan tickets at the time of entrance. This app will scan the barcodes at the time of check-in and will monitor the progress at entry. Our app saves time, helps you maintain social distancing, and makes your event entrance smooth.

Additional features of our ticketing software for COVID-secure ticketing

Our easy-to-use features let you add the other team members to your event. Your team members will get access to work, and you can set the permission level according to the departments like sales, admin, finance, and more.

The second opinion is essential before you list your event, and therefore we provide you with a draft event link. You can share with your colleagues and take their points of view before going live.

If you have more events to list, use the duplication event feature. You can also manage the capacity of the attendees by setting time slots and ticket types.

You get complete control to send notifications to your ticket buyers. Send them notices to inform them about the safety guides, social distancing guidelines, and the venue.

We support our event organizers in all ways possible, particularly with the lowest fees. Our ticketing software for COVID-secure ticketing provides high-quality features in the best deal. Our prices are flexible and most reasonable.

You can schedule the time of an event to go live in advance and manage multiple or recurring events. This feature saves time, reduces your admin work, and makes the event process smooth.

We immediately transfer the ticket sales amount into your PayPal or Stripe accounts. Eventsmatic never uses your ticket sales revenue, unlike other competitors.

Our team is always on duty to assist you with any problem. Eventsmatic is not just popular to be the best ticketing software but also for our excellent customer services.

We integrated our dashboard with SSL, and all our payment methods use the updated PCI DSS security standards. We securely saved our data in the cloud, and your data is 100% secure with our software.

You are the owner of your ticket buyer’s data and have complete control over it. You decide where and how to use it. We don’t use the data for any marketing opportunity like other ticketing companies.

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We need to stay united.

It’s time to come together and fight this pandemic. The event industry is facing challenges. Hence, we need to stay strong and united. We need to support each other in the best possible ways. Eventsmatic ticketing software for COVID- secure ticketing gives you more power with the lowest fees and updated technology.

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