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Question & Answer

The Eventsmatic FREE trial gives you the first five ticket sales for FREE. Later, the charges are applicable as per the standard PAYG rates. If you wish to opt for the Prepay option, head to the Billing page & Buy ticket credits.

We offer the most affordable prices. We want event organizers to invest more in building their event than paying extra for ticket selling. Eventsmatic has one more attractive feature where event organizers can pass the ticketing costs via a booking fee to customers. We aim to be the best budget-friendly & online ticket platform you can trust. Eventsmatic pricing for organizers is transparent and flexible, where you have both the “Pay as you go” and “Pay per event” options.

If you are new to Eventsmatic, we recommend the Pay as you go plan. After getting used to this plan, you can upgrade to the Pre Pay plan. There are prepay ticket quantity limits. If you aim to sell a few tickets, choose the Pay as you go option.

When you have events for a vast audience, choose between paying monthly or paying for the required tickets and buying more, depending on the requirement. For events with a smaller audience, select the prepay option and pay in advance, depending on the estimated size of the event.

Eventsmatic pricing is the easiest and most efficient mode of pricing. You are in total control of pricing your event tickets. Add the booking fees as per your requirement.

There is no charge to use Eventsmatic when your event has free-of-cost tickets. If you have paid admissions for an event, get the entire face value amount through the allotted booking fee.

It is difficult for event organizers to wait until the end of the event to get paid. With Eventsmatic, get the ticket sales revenue in your Stripe or PayPal account quickly. Then, it will take about seven days to transfer that amount into your bank account. Stripe and PayPal will let your customers pay the amount directly via their credit/debit card.

For Prepay customers, we charge the card added to your account immediately, or you can opt for the auto-renew option. For PAYG customers with a Stripe account, we automatically deduct the fee. For PayPal customers, we calculate the charges once a month. Check previous invoices on your dashboard.

First, you need to sign up with Eventsmatic. Then, share the proof of your charity event and status via email. Post verification, we will apply the charity discount to your account. This process takes up to 24-48 hours.

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