Ticket Buyer Information

Key information you must know!

Eventsmatic is the best event ticket selling solution that helps event organizers sell event tickets to their audience directly through efficient online ticket software.

As a ticket buyer, you can contact the seller directly for any queries regarding the event, ticket purchase, refunds, data privacy, or terms and conditions. A contact link is available on our online ticket software at the bottom of the ticket form. Also, discover the organizer details in the original contact link from where you purchase the tickets for their events.

Please note when you are buying tickets, you are purchasing them from the ticket seller or the event organizer. That is why your commercial agreement is with them directly. Our event ticket selling solution provides self-service portals to sellers. Sellers can solely manage tickets, event listings, and customer orders for their event. Eventsmatic provides software services to issue and sell tickets. Beyond that, we do not have any affiliation with the event, venue, or ticket seller. We also do not handle any of the events or listings on our website.

Avail Discounts and Vouchers

We offer our event organizers easy-to-use features to provide ticket buyers attractive discounts. Ticket buyers can also use the coupons and vouchers with our event ticket selling solution. We also offer tools and features where ticket buyers can get cash backs via event organizers.

Multi-currency and Multiple ticket payment options.

We offer a multi-currency feature for worldwide ticket buyers. This feature makes it easier for them to purchase tickets in any currency. Also, for simple payment transactions, we offer multiple ticket payment options, credit card, debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Stripe. All the payment getaways provided by our event ticket selling solution are secure for both ticket sellers and buyers.

Buy ticket from anywhere

Ticket buyers can purchase the tickets from our websites directly. We also provide our event organizers with easy-to-handle features. Organizers can share the links of their event page from our website to their social media, and buyers can purchase tickets from there. From the convenience of sitting at home through your mobile or tab, you can buy a ticket for your favorite event.

Exclusive ticket scanning app

The mobile application offers unique barcodes to scan tickets. We have designed this app to save time for event organizers and ticket sellers. With the help of this exceptional app, you don’t have to worry about standing in long queues. Our dedicated ticket scanning app will also help organizers follow social distancing among the audience.

Single or Group tickets

Ticket buyers can purchase tickets on our event ticket selling solution website. You can purchase a single ticket or group tickets for the event. Corporates or institutions can purchase tickets for their employees and staff in one go.

If you suspect a fraudulent event and wish to report misuse or alteration of the system, please contact us at support@eventsmatic.com and attach a link to the event.

If you wish to join hands with us and sell tickets online for your event, please check our homepage to know more about all the features and products we offer.